Secure password hosting without breaking a sweat.

Keepasser is a zero-configuration Keepass hosting platform. Move your Keepass database and upgrade it with permissions, backups and more!


Upgrade your databases with permissions.

Control who can access your Keepass databases. Add as many colleagues as you need!

Keeping your database safe!

Keepasser will backup your Keepass databases every day to an external location to ensure your database keeps working.

Secure by design

All data is transferred over a secure connection. Your database file is encrypted too. Keepasser can never read your passwords in your Keepass database.

A simple and easy platform for managing secure Keepass databases.

We take the sweat out of secure Keepass databases and upgrade them with permissions, backups, security and more!

Your Keepass databases are backed up daily to an external location to ensure your databases are safe! If needed, you can recover your database within minutes.
Access Control
Control who can open or save to the database. If you intern needs read access for a year, simply grant them time based access.
Secure By Design
Keepasser always uses a secure connection. Keepasser cannot read your database as they are encrypted too.
Bring Your Friends
There is no limit on how many colleagues you add to your team! Invite your whole organisation.
Allow certain members of your team to manage, create or archive Keepass instances.
Upload Your Own
You don't need to start over with your Keepass database. Simply upload your database to get started! Keepasser does not create new databases for you to ensure we cannot access the passwords.

Simple, fixed pricing. Unlimited team members.

Keepasser has dead simple pricing. Simply upload your Keepass database and we'll handle the rest. You just focus on your work!

Monthly plan

Simple month-to-month pricing.

  • Unlimited collaborators.
  • Unlimited database updates.
€10 / month
Yearly plan

Save 17% and simplify your bookkeeping by paying anually.

  • Unlimited collaborators.
  • Unlimited database updates.
€100 / year

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Keepasser work?
Keepasser hosts your Keepass database so you can easily share it with colleagues, friends or others. Keepasser also creates backups of your Keepass databases to a remote location!
How do I setup my database in Keepass?
Open a new database by URL in Keepass. Enter the instance URL as the Keepass database URL. Then, simply enter your credentials you use for Keepasser below. The username is the email address that you use on Keepasser
How long are backups stored?
Backups of your Keepass database are stored for a week on an external location. After that, they are completely removed from storage.
Is Keepasser safe and secure?
All communication to and from Keepasser is over a secure connection and on top of that, your Keepass database is completely encrypted with your master password. Keepasser does not know the master password and can never open your Keepass database.
Is the connection secure?
Every connection between you and Keepasser is made over a secure connection. You can check the connection by clicking on the lock icon next to the URL bar of your browser.
Can Keepasser access my Keepass passwords?
Keepasser cannot access your Keepass database because the database is encrypted with the master password. Keepasser will never ask you for your master password. Keepasser also recommends you to use differents passwords for both Keepass and Keepasser.
What will I be paying for?
Keepasser will host your Keepass database and on top of that, Keepasser also creates backups for you to recover to. Next to this, you can invite other friends and manage access to your Keepass database. You can pay monthly or yearly.
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